Apartment Rentals

Please Note:  The Town of Marion makes no representations concerning rental properties.  This list is for public informational purposes only.  Properties must be located in the Marion zip code to qualify.  Contact Bill Rush with any questions or submittals.

Visit MarionRent.com for rental opportunities.

Or, please review the listings below for some additional options (*Note: This list is not exhaustive).

Carriage House Apartments(276) 782-1991Click Here
Centre Building Apartments(276) 783-4448Click Here
College Hill Apartments(276) 780-3561Click Here
Francis Apartments(276) 780-3561Click Here
Harwood Apartments (Ellis Commercial Properties)  
Herb House Apartments (Ellis Commercial Properties)  
Peake Property Management(276) 780-3171Click Here
Radio Hill Apartments(276) 706-8200Click Here
Terrace Drive Apartments(276) 759-2100 
The Wood Peacock(276) 356-2145Click Here