Dump Trailer Program

Dump Trailer Program

The Town of Marion offers to it's residents a dump trailer program that is free of charge to qualifying citizens of the Town of Marion.  This program allows usage of a single axle dump trailer to be parked at the resident's home, as long as it's inside Town limits, to be filled with unwanted items on Fridays after 4 p.m. until Monday morning around 7:30 a.m. There are 2 dump trailers with two separate calendars below showing available dates for each. This is a popular program and availability is limited. Please monitor your email for confirmation of schedule or for the next alternative date available. To apply for a dump trailer please click here.

Enviromental Items CANNOT be placed in the dump trailer. Enviromental items include, but are not limited to:

  1. Tires.
  2. Shingles.
  3. Hazardous or Special Waste, As defined by the Virginia Solid Waste Regulations.
  4. Wet Paints, Stains etc.
  5. Motors, Transmissions, or any oily parts.

If these items are placed in a dump trailer, there will be a minimum charge of $500 + cost to properly remove it.

Please read the Smyth County Transfer Station Material Rules here. Applicant can not mix any kind of metal items with any other items such as brush, tree limbs, house hold items or yard waste. These must be separate loads! The Applicant shall be responsible for any form of vandalism while vehicle is in their possession. This program is designed for our property owners and is not available for contracted or ongoing work.


Dump Trailer #1 Calendar


Grey- Available


Dump Trailer #2 Calendar