Marion, Virginia

Trash Pick-up

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Sanitation Fee - $15 per month

House hold garbage - House hold garbage must NOT be set curbside by prior to 6:00 P.M. the day before your scheduled pick-up.  (If you do not have your Trash at curbside when the truck arrives at your residence, it WILL NOT be picked up.)  Please see map below for your scheduled pick-up date.

Yard Waste(NEW GUIDELINES)  IN an effort to be more efficient and to better utilize our grounds crews & equipment, during the yard maintenance season, brush & yard waste removal will now be two (2) times per month instead of weekly and will not be done on any particular scheduled day (ie: the same as your trash collection day).  Winter brush and yard waste removal will remain as one time per month and will occur in the late month cycle.

During the In-Season of brush and yard waste removal, we will have two pick up time frames; Early Month and Late Month.

To be eligible for the Early Month pickup process, all brush & yard waste must be to the curb by the 1st day of the month.   To be eligible for the Late Month pickup process, all brush and yard waste must be to the curb by the 15th day of the month.  Our intention is to pick up small groups of brush &  yard waste in a systematic manner, and will not "go back" and pick up brush and yard waste after we have passed a particular location.  Large groups of brush and yard waste will be identified during the initial "small group" process, and will be picked up toward the end of the scheduled timeframes, allowing us to utilize different equipment to more efficiently handle the larger piles.

If you put your brush out a couple of day after the curbside due date and we haven't picked up on that street yet, we will still pick it up that particular cycle.  However, if you put it out after the curbside due date, and we have already picked up that particular street when you set it out, your brush and yard waste will not be picked up until the next cycle.

Also, the brush and yard waste removal service privided by the Town is not intended to replace the services provided by private contractors for tree or brush removal.  Our ordinance is for removal of small amounts of brush and yard waste generated in the weekly/monthly maintenance of private yards by private individuals, either renters or homeowners.  The financial costs associated with large scale tree or brush removal will be interpreted to be an agreement between the private individual and the contractor of their choice, and the Town will not be responsible for the removal of any of the waste.  In the case of a private individual cutting down their own trees or bushes, the Town will be responsible for picking up limbs no larger than 3" in diameter.

This operational change will not affect the schedule of household garbage collection, nor any other scheduled services.


House hold junk - Residents must call Town Hall at (276) 783-4113 ext. 228 or 226 and request for a work order to be generated before any junk will be picked up.  After the work order is placed the junk will be picked up the 3rd week of each month.  This will be the only week of the month the Town of Marion will be collecting house hold junk.  Items that are considered as Hazardous Waste will not be collected by the Town such as wet paint, batteries, used motor oil ect.  Tires and Shingles will also not be collected by the Town.  There will be a $15 Fee for the Town to pick up refrigerators.

Weight Limits - All house hold garbage, Lawn Trimmings and Brush must be less than 50 pounds in order for the Town Employees to collect.  If the employees has a problem with any collection they will place a blue tag in the residents door to notify them of the problem and the resident is responsible for correcting the problem prior to the Town to picking up.

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