Minutes of a Special meeting of the Town of Marion Building and Grounds and Finance Committees for the purpose of discussing roof and drainage repair on the Municipal Building.  The meeting was conducted on Monday,  August 24, 2009 at Noon in the Municipal Building. 

PRESENT:  Mayor David Helms; Building and Grounds Committee Mark Warren and Bill Weaver; Finance Committee Dr. James Gates and Mel Leaman; Purchasing Agent B. J. Hamm; and Town Clerk Dixie Sheets.

VISITORS:  H.C. Carter, owner/operator of Red Oak Construction Company

LEAKS IN ROOF AND CUPOLA OF THE MUNICIPAL BUILDING:  This was an Emergency Committee meeting to address the various leaks in the Municipal Building roof and cupola.  These leaks have resulted in damage to the attic, ceilings and walls of the building.   Several efforts have been made to restore the roof and repair the leaks.  None have been successful. 

Red Oak Construction Company was asked to assess the situation and produced a written estimate of the damage and repair costs.  Costs include Labor and materials to re-flash the cupola and repair to damaged areas.  Costs to repair the copula are $2,730 H. C. Carter, owner of Red Oak Construction Company, suggested that the Town directly rent a crane, at $185 per hour, to use for the cupola repairs.  Estimated cost is $2,960.  Mayor Helms suggested that the contractors look for any additional repairs to be made to the cupola while the crane is rented and that a durable paint product be used to paint the cupola while working up there.  This would prevent renting the crane at a later date.

The second part of the job would be to remove the existing membrane and recovery board on the roof above the Town Council Chambers.  This is a flat roof and often the rain stands on the roof for an extended period of time.   Rain from gutters has been re-routed to lessen the amount of water on the roof.  The area would be cleaned, mildew treated and to dry existing gravel roof.  A new 1” ICO board sub base on the entire roof system would be installed and CDPM reinforced membrane would be installed.  The roof would be built up to direct rain/snow to drain toward the rear and not accumulate in the center of the roof.  All walls and heating units would be flashed, new pipe boots installed, binder bars on all walls for water runoff, and installation of new water boxes and 3”x4” commercial downspouts.   Mr. Carter produced samples of recommended membrane materials and current membrane materials for the Committee members to review.   Estimated cost of these repairs is $16,100.

Mr. Warren was concerned about the flat roof and heat pump units on the roof.  Mr. Carter stated that the building was designed for this type roof and was confident that the repairs would remedy the situation.   A lengthy discussion ensued.   

Dr. Gates recommended that the Town accept Red Oak Construction Company’s estimate for the repairs needed and costs associated with the repairs.   Mr. Clark will work with Mr. Carter on an emergency basis to remedy this situation.  He added that the Town would rent the crane at a cost of $185 per hour.  The arrangements would be made by Mr. Carter and the Town  be billed directly by the crane company.  He further recommended that the Town approve the cost- plus basis for additional repairs and painting of the cupola.  Dr. Gates, Messrs Leaman, Warren and Weaver were in agreement.

The meeting was adjourned.


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