Minutes of a special called meeting of the Town Council of the Town of Marion, Virginia held in the Council Chambers of the Municipal Building on March 9, 2009 at 5:30 p.m.


PRESENT:  Mayor David P. Helms;  Dr. James Gates (arriving late), Suzanne Jennings, Jane Hale, Mel Leaman, Mark Warren, and Bill Weaver, Council Members; Town Manager John E. B. Clark, Jr.; Town Attorney Mark Fenyk; Town Engineer/Assistant Town Manager Cecil Hicks, and Town Clerk/Director of Finance Dixie Sheets.


INVOCATION/PLEDGE TO THE FLAG:  Councilman Warren rendered the invocation.  Mayor Helms led the Pledge to the Flag.




PURSUANT TO THE TOWN OF MARION CODE OF ORDINANCES, SECTION 2-32, this meeting was held to discuss the Project Summary of the Revised Six Year Plan. 


Mayor Helms stated that VDOT Engineer Donnie Necessary had met with Town representatives and discussed the re-allocation of VDOT funds for the South Church Street Widening Project.   This project had been on the Six Year Plan for many years.   VDOT had informed the Town that, due to inflation, the South Church Street plans as set previously are not realistic with today’s economy.   A list of projects to re-allocate the funds was compiled and considered by Town staff and Town Council members.  The Street Committee then evaluated the list and recommended the following projects:


1)                  South Church Street Drainage Project - $800,000

2)                  Pendleton Street, East Main Street & North Main Street Intersection Signal System - $120,000

3)                  Reconstruction of the Chatham Hill Road Bridge -                  $1,100,000

4)                  Complete Traffic Intersection Signal System Upgrades -              620,000

5)                  Baughman Avenue Bridge Superstructure Replacement -             945,000

6)                  Lee Street & North Church Street Intersection Re-alignment -       55,000

7)                  Route 16 North (Park Blvd.) & Terrace Drive Intersection -           52,000



                                                Projected Estimate Total Cost                $3,692,000

                                                Contingencies                                              171,107

                                                Total Amount of Construction                 3,885,000

                                                Available Urban Program Funding

                                                            SYIP 09-14                                   4,056,107


Mr. Hicks gave an overview of each proposed project. 


Mr. Clark informed Town Council that by changing the Baughman Avenue Bridge Project from VDOT Revenue Sharing Funds to this list, the Town will save approximately $200,000.    The Town will pay 2% on using the Six Year Plan money as opposed to 50% using the Revenue Sharing money for the bridge.  However, we may lose the Revenue Sharing money because VDOT wanted the town to use the money within two years.  That time has passed.


Upon motion of Mrs. Jennings, seconded by Mr. Leaman and vote of 6 AYES and 0 NOES, a Public Hearing was scheduled for Monday, April 13, 2009 at 5:30 p.m.


Upon motion, duly seconded and vote of 6 AYES and 0 NOES, the meeting was adjourned.



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