Marion, Virginia

Emory & Henry “Adopt” A Student

Twenty five years ago, Smyth County had a Welcome Wagon, which was a group of concerned residents who visited newcomers and offered welcome baskets. The goal was simply to make a new friend and make a stranger feel welcome.

Over the past four years, dozens of hospitable Marion and Smyth County residents have welcomed and "adopted" hundreds of new Emory and Henry Students. Sixty eight new students arrive next week and we need your help.

Please consider either bringing food for a potluck luncheon on Thursday, August 22nd @ 6:00 pm at the school or consider "adopting" a couple of new students. Our motivation is primarily to do our small part to help the Emory and Henry School of Health Sciences to be successful. We have also found that adopting multiple students together makes the students feel more comfortable.

"Adopting" a student can mean merely taking the student to lunch. Offering advice on things to do and where to go or it can mean inviting them to your family dinners and warm cookies before exams. You and the students decide if the scheduling and chemistry are right. The goal is to provide these new Marion residents with someone who is interested in their progress and success. We are attempting to be the modern equivalent of the old Welcome Wagon.

Please email Raena Bright or 276-706-2734 with any questions you have, food you are able to bring, and if you would like to "adopt" a student.

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