Marion, Virginia


For the sixth year in a row, Main Street in Marion Downtown was lined with two dozen of the most creative, wacky and fun scarecrows!

Businesses and organizations throughout Marion worked exceptionally hard to create their scarecrows in hopes of placing in the annual contest. This year, the competition was by far the most impressive to date. Every participant went above and beyond to construct extraordinary scarecrows that were displayed throughout downtown Marion's historic district.

Over the past week, folks were encouraged to vote for their favorite scarecrow at specific voting locations. Representatives of Marion Downtown tallied the 672 votes and determined the People's Choice winner while a group of community judged determined the first, second and third place winners. The decision was tough, but after tallying up the votes, the winners were determined.

First Place award goes to Marion Fire/EMS with their very creative "CPR Saves" Scarecrow. 

Second Place award goes to Blue Ridge Job Corps Center with their spooky and animated "Job Corp Jane" Scarecrow.

Third Place award goes to Envision Eye Care with their  "Cornea Leus - The Legend of Sleepy Eye Hollow" Scarecrow.

With 123 votes, the winner of the People's Choice also goes to Blue Ridge Job Corps Center with their community favorite "Job Corp Jane" Scarecrow. The scarecrow also played music and moved!

"All the participants did an exceptional job at creating unique scarecrows for their business or organization" said Olivia McDonald, director of Marion Downtown.  "Everyone did great, and I wish we could give prizes to everyone who participated!" McDonald added that the event was originally started by a group of girls from Troop 396 back in 2012. "I'm happy to continue the event, and I love that our community is so well responsive to participating," McDonald added.

Scarecrow Lane a great opportunity to showcase how amazing Marion truly is. The idea behind the creation of the event is to bring community pride to our small town, and generate foot traffic in our downtown.

To view all the 2017 Scarecrow Lane participants, click here!

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