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Henderson School | Coronavirus Update


It seems like forever since we have had a newsletter, we have attempted to spare you of extra mail through your "inbox" until there is something to crow about! We have been working hard writing grants and developing projects that can be inclusive during this challenge, many have been following on Facebook, thank you for the loyalty.

This newsletter is to update you on what HAS been going on during the "shut down" and what we will continue to work on as this summer develops. Please stay tuned, we will keep a watch on what both the Community College decides as well as Smyth County Schools since we interact with them for many programs.

We are missing everyone, and hope we can SOON get back to some semblance of normalcy.

Stay safe!



We are on our way to an UPDATED website! Some "Pre-Covid" information is still on some pages, updating takes time, but much has been done and information continues to be added as the summer progresses.

We have set up a vitual shop and you can see all the items HERE


Limited Facility Use

The Henderson remains locked to the general public, but we will be offering limited craft workshops, private paint parties for under ten, and limited use of the studios for those that have been "pre-approved" with the studios and can reassure us that precautions are taken for everyone's safety. It will be up to individual instructors to decide if they are comfortable enough to teach a workshop.


Covid Covert

Under the pressing timeline of the March Covid shutdown, our sixth guitar-making workshop was sprinting to finish. Keeping fingers crossed that state borders wouldn't shut down before we finished and make sure to get everybody home safe and sound.

We made it, (barely), even though Wayne was put in quarantine awaiting his surgery. The team got it done!

Our reconvene, known as our "Put-Together/Get-Together" is scheduled for June 26-27, 2020. Looking forward to everyone being back (including Wayne!). Unfortunately, we can't have a reunion as we have had in the past. Orders are to keep the class under 10, (unless Governor Northam changes the directives).


Future Guitar Building Workshops

Spencer Strickland , Josh Reese and Marty Howard organize our guitar building workshops. Wayne Henderson attends as his schedule allows.

Our wait list averages around 50 people, with an average 2 year wait to get into a workshop. With Covid19 around, getting commitments for November and March have been a bit of a challenge. Currently, November 15-20, 2020 is full (awaiting one deposit) but we still have three spots open for March 14-19, 2021. This will be a first come/first serve basis and is ONLY because of the current climate, and not getting (timely) responses from many that are on the list.

We only take a person OFF the list if they ask to be taken off the list. It is chronological, so the person who has been on the list the longest is the first to be called when we are ready to fill the next workshop. We will return to this system after the virus. That being said, this could be the dream opportunity for some lucky people. We have never advertised for the class due to the waiting list being as long as it is, but now there is an information page on our website.

Build A Guitar!



Watercolor has had its second Saturday class with 3 participants last week. We all had our face-masks and I made sure the room was well ventilated. It was not advertised to general public until I was sure we could keep everyone safe. It is now open for beginning-advanced over 13 years of age. Cost is $10 and includes supplies. No RSVP needed.


Barn Quilting

Tracy Thompson will be setting a date for her next "Barn Quilt" workshop, so stay tuned for the date, time and details.

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